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Automatic Chicken Doors

When it comes to keeping your chickens safe, nothing beats battery-operated automatic chicken doors with light sensors.

Automatic doors open and close at specific times, keeping your chickens in and predators out - giving you peace of mind.

These automatic doors use a light sensor or timer to open the coop door at a certain time of day and to close it at night.

An automated coop door is the best way to keep your free-range chickens from harm.

How Does An Auto Chicken Door Work?

An automatic chicken coop door opens and closes at preset times decided by the chicken keeper. You don’t have to worry about letting your chickens out first thing in the morning or manually closing your coop at night.

Simply mount the automatic door opener to your wooden chicken coop and enjoy the benefits.

The automated chicken coop door has a small motorised mechanism that will automatically open and close the door at the set times or at the push of a button.

A chicken coop locking mechanism is generally battery-powered by four AA batteries. If you’re worried about battery life or notice a low battery indicator, you can power it using a USB or use DC power with an extension cord.

An automatic coop door opener can also be operated manually on a control box, giving you complete control.

For additional safety, you can get an automatic door opener with a self-locking door kit.

The Benefits Of An Automatic Chicken Door

Automatic chicken coop doors using a light sensor are the best option to secure your chickens, especially when you’re away from your home.

One of the amazing benefits of using an automatic coop door is that you don’t have to manually open and close your chicken coop.

Instead, you can tend to other tasks and have peace of mind that your chickens are safe or are being let out at the right time.

If you live in an area where there are animals that prey on chickens, an automatic coop door opener gives you fantastic protection.

There’s no latch for smart predators to work open and the strong aluminium door shuts securely so there are no gaps for predators to slip through.

Automatic coop doors also allow you to be more flexible. You can go out for the night or away for the weekend knowing that your chickens will be safely locked up at night and let out in the mornings. Just make sure they have enough food and water and you’re good to go!

What Times Should You Set Your Automatic Chicken Coop Door To Open And Close?

You'll need to decide what time and light level are best for your chickens for the automated door to lift or shut.

If you have a light sensor option on your coop door opener, set the light setting to lift doors open in the morning sun and close them at dusk when it starts getting dark.

For example, set your doors to open about 30 minutes after the sun rises and sets.

What If the Chickens Don’t Get Inside Before the Automatic Door Closes?

If the chickens do not get inside the coop before their own door closes, they will be locked out unless you have an additional safety sensor installed correctly.

Otherwise, you will need to manually let the chickens in through the door opening with a push of a button on your control panel.

This will happen rarely though. Chickens have great instincts and will generally enter the coop at dusk to sleep for the night.

To help get the timing right, we recommend monitoring your chicken's natural rhythm for a few days and setting your timer accordingly.

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