Collection: Rollaway Nesting Boxes

Rollaway Nesting Boxes

Rollaway nesting boxes have become an extremely popular piece of poultry equipment among breeders and keepers of chickens in Australia over the past few years. They are the perfect place for chickens to lay eggs and they make it super easy for you to collect them too.

It has never been easier to keep your brooding hens interested in laying their eggs and maintain the safety and hygiene of the eggs themselves!

The nests give your poultry a comfortable, safe space in which to lay their precious eggs. With a couple of fake eggs, you can easily teach new pullets and hens to lay their eggs in the correct and safest location.

How Does A Rollaway Nest Box Work?

A rollaway nest box features a plastic floor that is slightly angled towards the front of the nest box. After laying, the eggs roll gently down the angled plastic floor to the collection tray. Here they are safe from breakages and predators until you can collect them.

Thanks to its design, a rollaway nest keeps eggs clean and makes the collection process a breeze!

The nest box prevents poultry from damaging their own eggs too. In addition, it can save them from other birds, like crows, or other predators that may steal and eat the eggs.

Features of our rollaway nest boxes include an internal floor and tray that are detachable. This allows for quick and easy cleaning. You can also choose whether you want a wall-mountable nest box or that stands on legs.

How Many Chicken Nesting Boxes Do I Need?

At Northern Livestock Supplies, we suggest a ratio of 1 box per 4 or 5 hens. You can take your pick between a 1, 2, or 3-holed box arrangement. Consider which option is best for you depending on your particular stock.

Make sure to do your measurements as well! The nests are small to avoid scratching. The dimensions of each nest box are around 267 mm (width), 520 mm (depth), and 480 mm (height).

Where To Place Roll-away Nesting Boxes

These innovative chicken nesting boxes have various features and add-ons which make the egg lay-and-roll process safe and hygienic.

Where you place your rollaway nesting box is mostly up to your discretion. However, we do have some recommendations of where we suggest your nesting boxes sit.

Find a quiet, private, and comfortable environment for laying eggs. Your best option is to place these nest boxes in your dark, low, sheltered shed or coop away from the activity of your other birds. Let your chooks lay eggs and let each egg roll away in peace.

You can buy either wall-mountable or leg-supported nest boxes for your poultry to allow for flexibility. The strength and lightness of a rollaway nest make transport rather easy, so you can easily switch locations as time goes on.

What Do You Put In The Bottom Of A Nesting Box?

The sloped top and internal floor of the nest have been built out of durable plastic to avoid rusting, rotting, and corrosion. The sides, which are made out of galvanised steel, have pre-cut holes installed to allow for ample ventilation.

To make the plastic-bottom nest more comfortable for your chickens, you can add in a little scrap of carpet or an artificial grass pad.

On a side note, although these nests are the best spot for laying eggs, they are not necessarily the best place for your chickens to sleep. Take your chooks to their roosts in the coop at night for proper bedding and save them from forming bad sleeping habits.

Chicken Nesting Boxes For Sale In Australia

If you're looking for the best rollaway chicken nesting boxes in Australia, you've come to the right place. All of our nesting boxes come flat-packed and are super simple to assemble yourself.

Whether you're a hobby farmer, egg producer, or simply keep some chickens in your backyard, these rollaway chicken nest boxes are the perfect way to collect and protect the eggs your hens produce.