Collection: Electric Fence Standoffs and Offset Insulators

Electric Fence Standoff Insulators

Electric fence standoffs, or also known as offset insulators are used to offset the live electric fence wire from the rest of the fence. These insulators keep the fence wire or tape at a safe distance from the fence post and other wires, preventing an electrical short. They are also useful for preventing animals from jumping over, or digging under your main fence. We offer a range of high-quality electric fence standoff insulators to suit different fence types and configurations.

Benefits of Using Electric Fence Standoff Insulators

One of the key benefits of using electric fence standoffs is that they reduce the risk of short circuits and electrical leakage. They are also a great option to add one, or several live wires to an existing fence. Adding offset live wires can greatly reduce the pressure your stock put on existing fences, saving time and money on replacing the entire fence.

Types of Electric Fence offset Insulators

Our electric fence offset insulators are made from galvanised steel and UV stabilised plastic that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist UV degradation. This ensures that your fencing system will remain effective and reliable for years to come. Standoff insulators are available in several styles, the two most common types are:

Bolt on or screw in offsets

This type of insulator is either bolted onto or screwed into the fence post, creating a heavy duty and solid insulator. They are usually made of metal with plastic parts to insulate the fence. This type is usually more expensive however much stronger.

Wire offsets

this type of insulator is piece of heavy duty wire in a V shape, both ends of the V are twisted onto the existing fence and the end is designed to hold a porcelain bobbin insulator. This type is usually much cheaper and a good choice for areas that experience fires as there is no plastic parts 

Trusted Brands and Competitive Pricing

We only stock electric fence standoff insulators from trusted brands that have a proven track record of excellence in the industry. With competitive pricing and fast, reliable shipping, we make it easy to get the products you need to keep your property safe and secure. Browse our selection of electric fence standoffs and find the right option for your fencing needs.