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Solar Powered Electric Fence Energisers

A solar-powered electric fence energiser is a device used to power an electric fence. The solar panel charges the internal or external battery during the day, which, in turn, powers the energiser and provides the electric shock along the fence line. The electric shock is what deters animals from touching or crossing the fence.

Solar-powered energisers are often fully self-contained, meaning they don’t rely on mains power or external batteries which need regular charging. This makes them a great choice for areas with limited access to mains power.

Unlike traditional energisers, solar units are a great option for powering fences in remote locations or where running an electrical connection is not feasible. They are also the preferred type for strip grazing or fences that require frequent moving to new locations.

The Benefits Of A Solar-Powered Electric Fence

Low Maintenance

Like most electric fences, solar-powered ones require some maintenance. This includes tasks such as cleaning the solar panel and fixing fence posts. However, you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging batteries or worrying about your livestock during power outages.

Eliminates Mains Power Connections

A solar electric fence does not need to connect to electric grids. This makes them the perfect option for areas where mains power is not available.

In addition, you have more flexibility around where you install them. Since they don’t need to be hooked up to electricity, you can install them anywhere you need.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Fence Energisers?

There are two main types of solar-powered fence units, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Self Contained Energisers

Self contained solar energisers have a built-in battery inside the main electric fence unit. They also have a solar panel, which is usually attached to the top of the energiser. The solar panel connects to the internal battery. This is the most common type of solar energiser, especially in smaller units.

A self contained energiser offers the most flexibility for electric fence placement and is the most portable option. As such, it’s a great choice for fences that need to be moved regularly.

External Battery Energisers

External battery energisers are similar to self contained units in that there are three main parts to the fencing system. These are the energiser, the solar panel and the battery.


The main difference is that the battery is not installed inside the main unit but is mounted externally and connected via electrical cables.


External battery energisers are usually used for larger solar electric fence systems or for permanent fencing set-ups where the battery is too large to be fitted inside the main unit.

What Should I Look For In An Electric Fence Energiser?

It would be best to look at several essential aspects when buying an electric fence energiser unit. Some critical elements include the following:

Power Output

The power output is measured in joules. The higher the joules, the more powerful the energiser. This power output determines the effectiveness of the electric fence.  A more powerful solar fence energiser can power a longer fence.

Fence Size

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new solar energiser is the size or length of the electric fence you need to power. You should also always consider any future fence extensions before making a decision.

Choose a solar energiser unit compatible with the size of the fence you need to power.

Fence Voltage

The required voltage for an electric fence will depend on the animals you are trying to contain or exclude from the area. For example, most livestock and feral animals will need a higher electric fence voltage than what is needed for horses.

Ease Of Use

Consider the ease of use when choosing a solar energiser. Some models are more user-friendly, with features like digital displays and built-in fault finders.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Energisers Australia

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