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The first weeks of a chick's life are the most important for its health and development, so ensuring they have a comfortable place to grow is essential. A brooder box provides a warm and safe place for chicks to grow and move around during this crucial period. 

Our brooder boxes ensure the safest environment for your young chicks and promote healthy growth and vitality. The brooders can be outfitted with a brooder heating plate, a safer heat source and more energy-efficient alternative to heat lamps. They simulate the natural heating from a mother hen. Additionally, the boxes are designed to have warm and cooler areas to allow chicks to find their own comfort level.

The brooders can be lined with bedding materials such as straw or wood shavings. We recommend avoiding using newspaper as it makes the flooring slippery and unsafe for young developing chicks. 

The wire mesh on the sides of the box allows for proper ventilation while protecting the chicks from predators. The opening on the top also allows you to easily access the inside of the brooder to check on your chicks or add more bedding material if needed. 

Chicks typically stay in the brooder box for the first few weeks of their lives, and they should be moved to a larger space once they have feathers and can regulate their body temperature.

Shop our range of brooder boxes above and give your young chicks a head start to a healthy and happy life.

Can I use my chicken brooder boxes for other poultry?

Our brooder boxes, heating plates and heating lamps are designed specifically for brooding various poultry such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, quail and guinea fowl.  All our products are tried and tested by backyard poultry keepers, enthusiasts, breeders and commercial poultry farmers.

What is the best bedding for a chicken brooder box?

We recommend using natural bedding such as straw or wood shavings Avoid using slippery flooring such as newspaper as these can be unsafe for young chicks. The general rule with chicken brooder flooring is to use something non-toxic, has relatively low moisture retention, stays cleaner for longer, resists bacteria and mould, and has low dust levels.

How often should I change the bedding in a brooder?

Depending on the number of chicks, you should change the bedding of the brooder box at least once a week. Cleaning frequency is dependent on the density of chicks in the brooder box