About Us

Our Story

Northern Livestock Supplies was founded as a passion project in 2021. Our goal was simple: Provide exceptional services and products that were completely different from traditional online retailers. 

Instead of collecting every possible product on the market and promoting it in our store, we wanted to create a carefully curated catalogue of products we know and trust. And that’s what we did.

Today, Northern Livestock Supplies offers a bundle of amazing products that our customers believe in, just like we do. 

From Our Family To Yours

Northern Livestock Supplies is a completely family-owned and operated business. We are not part of a franchise. We’re just people. 

Why is that important? Because people are our core value. To us, nothing matters more than affording our clients friendly and dignified service while providing even better products and agricultural solutions. 

We tailor our services and products to every individual client because no two people have the same needs. We tap into our client’s needs in a way that only people-run businesses can. 

But it’s not just people we tailor our service to. It’s also location. 

Our client base is scattered across Australia and we have delivered to over 2000 customers across our diverse country. From Cairns in Northern Queensland, to Hobart in Tasmania, and Albany in Western Australia, to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory - we service clients from all over. 

Whether you need supplies for a few household chickens or several thousand cattle, we have what you need. 

Our Partners

At Northern Livestock Supplies, we choose to partner with trusted and reliable local professionals and suppliers. We only work with the best brands, including Bainbridge Vet, Shoof International, Leader Products and Nemtek. 

We regularly add new trusted and tested products to our catalogue and continue to grow our network to provide fast and affordable products to our clients. 

Committed To Continued Learning And Product Testing

Northern Livestock Supplies is passionate about only using and selling the best. That’s why we test most of the products we sell and use them as a client would. We have a great understanding of what works and what doesn't.

That being said, we understand that products change and so do peoples’ needs. We’re committed to educating ourselves on trends, market needs, and product output. We’re also dedicated to continued staff education and product testing to ensure only the best for our clients. 

To ensure we only stock the best products, we monitor and remove products with high failure and return rates. This helps us guide clients to products that are high-quality and offer value for money, and expand our knowledge base to provide only the best service. 

Meet The Owner

Youri Dreezen is Northern Livestock Supplies’ founder and manager. With over a decade's experience in agriculture and a diverse work portfolio, Youri’s passion for agriculture cannot be understated. His aim has always been to help clients find products that provide solutions to their needs and make their lives easier. 

Youri’s hobbies and interests include poultry keeping, and exploring northern Queensland. But his favourite pastime is enjoying quality time with his two young children and his partner.