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Livestock Prodders

On any farm, a cattle prod is a fundamental piece of equipment needed to control or move livestock when necessary.

Cattle prods are used when the livestock are not moving when they need to, or if they act up and need to be directed away from someone to avoid a potential accident.

When working with animals, it is not always easy for farmers to control their performance and where they move. With cattle prods, this does not have to be a concern.

How Does A Cattle Prod Work?

A cattle prod is usually a long stick that is easy to hold and reaches livestock from a safe distance. This protects the farmers using it from being too close to the animal in case they react physically to the prods.

When an electric cattle prod makes contact with the livestock, it sends a little electric shock to the animal to encourage them to move. It does not harm the animal or cause any risk of death, as the shock is small and quick. It’s just enough for the livestock to feel it and react by moving forward.

An electric cattle prod will generally be battery-powered so it is wise to keep a supply of batteries around to replace when needed. Alternatively, you can get a rechargeable version.

What You Should Know About Cattle Prodders

Anyone using this equipment should be knowledgeable of how and when to use it, to prevent unnecessary harm to the animal. 

Only Use When Absolutely Necessary

A cattle prod should only be used when necessary. Livestock with good performance that are moving normally and in the right direction do not need to be nudged along with a prod.

The stock prodders come in handy in the following scenarios:

  • If you are moving a herd of livestock and you have one or two who are not cooperating
  • If the livestock is posing a dangerous risk to you or others
  • Or if one of your animals is getting too close to a vehicle or equipment

Avoid Over-prodding

Avoid over-prodding your livestock. Only do it if you are having real trouble getting the animal to move. If it is necessary to use a prod, do not use it repeatedly. This can become painful for the animal and might cause them to panic, which can create an even more dangerous situation.

Only Use If There Is A Clear Path

You should also only use cattle prods on an animal if they do have a clear path of movement ahead of them. If there is a structure or other livestock directly in front of them, this will not work as they cannot move forward.

Use Prods On The Rear Of The Animal

When using cattle prods, always make sure to identify and make contact with the rear of the animal. This is the safest point to do so. Avoid anywhere else on the body, as it can cause harm to the animal.

Adjust The Settings For Different-Sized Animals

If your electric prod has intensity settings, use a lower setting for small animals, and a higher setting for larger animals.

Do Not Use On Wet Animals

We all know to avoid mixing water with electricity, and an electric prod is no different. Do not use an electric prod on an animal that has just been bathed or out in the rain. The electric current can cause serious injury if it is in contact with wet livestock.

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